Male submission or malesub is a situation in BDSM and other sexual activities in which the submissive partner is male. A woman who dominates a male submissive is referred to as a dominant, domme (feminine form of “dominant”) or dominatrix for which we recommend this website where you can find cougar sex.

 Sexual activity between a male submissive and a dominatrix is referred to as femdom. Then for real adult fun you should see the amount of horny women looking for casual sex as it’s just amazing so you can easily find hot local sex on sites like that.

You might not be at risk of a sexually transmitted infection or an unplanned pregnancy, but online sexual activity can lead to other problems, for example: Getting in trouble with the law (sexual images of young people under 18 are illegal)

The term domme is a coined pseudo-French female variation of the slang dom (short for dominant). The use of dommedominatrixdom, or dominant by any woman in a dominant role is chosen mostly by personal preference and the conventions of the local BDSM scene practiced by models at term mistress or dominant mistress is sometimes also used. Female dominancefemale domination or femdom refer to BDSM activities in which the dominant partner is female.

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