About Us

Welcome to LoveTied FREE Bondage Photos. All of the photos on this page are brought to you courtesy of the Unlimited Bondage Group of Adult websites.
DSC_0350Unlimited Bondage started with a single web site in 1998 and was actually a labor of love … or lust (it was really a way for me to tie my wife and her good friend up and “play” on a regular basis). In 2000 THE masterful RopExpert, International super model Eve Ellis and the incredible world renowned artist Alazar joined us. Then in 2001 we were joined by RobertDeane and his Super Tight Bondage Site, Bondage Damsels. That was the core of the UnlimitedBondage (formerly SweetTiesFamily) for the first few years.
As the years went by we were lucky enough to be joined by many more fantastic producers, Michael Masterton and his Australian gals featured in BondageDayDreams and TheMastertonFiles, Robert and his naked super models from KidnapHer/DetectiveChronicles and now BoundInTheBuff … The Badman and Paige as the NaughtyTies … Tony and his red hot desert babes in TucsonTied … Talon’s Web Sites (the only sites we don’t build personally) … and the bound New York beauties from Bronx Ties … among others.
Some of our producers like RopExpert were so prolific (over 300 models and hundreds of thousands of photos and videos … and still counting) that we expanded into additional themed sites for many of the producers, like NabHer.com and HeelsAndRope.com.
The “family” continues to grow and improve. Our goal is to consistently offer photos, videos and art produced by people who love bondage and participate in it their private lives. From day one it has been our mission to offer the kind of customer service that we would hope to receive from any company, mainstream or adult.
It’s a fun ride and now I’ll go crawl back into my cubicle and get to work posting more of this outstanding work from some of my favorite photographers, models and producers in the world!
Thanks, Lance